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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

5 Things Every Web designer Should Know

5 Things Every Web designer Should Know

Author: Hilco van der Meer

5 Things Every Web designer Should Know so, you are planning to
become a serious web designer? Or you think you already are?
Check out on these 5 things and see if you confirm to all of
these! 1. There is more than one browser Internet Explorer for
windows is by far not the only browser around. You should test
your website on both the Macintosh and on the PC. You can use
Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla Firefox and Opera on the PC and
Safari and Firefox on the Macintosh. Internet Explorer for the
mac is no longer supported by Microsoft so don't bother testing,
things will hardly work anyway with today's CSS coding. 2. CSS
is the way to go There is no doubt about it. If you are serious
about developing websites you should use Cascading Style Sheets
for both your layout and your design. This way you have total
control over how your page behaves in all browsers.

It also adds great flexibility to your website for later on,
when you are planning to do a redesign for example. 3. Create
all your code yourself Don't even try to use the Design view
from Dreamweaver or Frontpage.

The code it generates is by far not what you want if you need to
have full control of your page. For maximum control you should
always work in the code view and create things yourself. 4. Use
Mozilla Firefox for JavaScript debugging The error messages
Internet Explorer generates are quite irritating to say the
least. It doesn't even tell you what is actually missing and on
what place things go wrong.

If there's one browsers that can help you with your JavaScript
development then Firefox is the one. The JavaScript console is
by far the most detailed one and will help you very much when
you are testing your scripts. 5. Use the Web development Toolbar
for both Internet Explorer and Firefox These toolbars will help
you a lot because there are filled with debugging tools and
handy shortlinks to useful tools.

You really need to have at least these toolbars! So now you know
what you need to have to be a successful web designer. Don't
forget to download at least the toolbars. They will help you a
lot and will save you a lot of time. Hilco van der Meer is known
as the author of the Cascading Stylesheet course How To Master
CSS. He's a professional web designer for over 5 years. More

Hilco van der Meer is known as the author of the Cascading Style
Sheets Course How To Master CSS. He's a professional Web
Designer for over 5 years now. His course aims at easy to follow
and step-by-step examples. More info can be found at



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